Hosted by Yogi Angela Darcy, Arc Angela Yoga classes are ideal for beginners and people of all levels. Angela is an experienced hatha yoga instructor based in Glasgow, Scotland at the classes are held at The Minerva Club, 59 Burnbank Terrace, Glasgow, G20 6UQ

These yoga classes focus on posture, breathing, relaxation, stretches and are often adapted to fit the various needs of the pupils. The class will also cover the fundementals of the hatha yoga practice with Angela explaining the physical and spiritual aspects of the asanas.

This is ideal if you are new to yoga or beginning your own home practice and are looking for some guidance. For the seasoned yogi, Angie is happy to share her insights and knowledge gained from many years of practicing and teaching yoga.

It is £6.00 per class or £30.00 for a 6 class block.

If you are interested in coming or need any more information feel free to contact Angela through the Arc Angel Yoga Facebook page or by email